Grunge Is Old

Get ready Xennials and older folks because I'm about to say something that will make you shudder: Gen Z has deemed Grunge music as Oldies. 😱 I know, right? But there is a big plus to this admission of age: rediscovery.

When it comes to Nirvana, songs the band put out are reaching 20 years old. But, because of TikTok and videos talking about "songs you should know", these tracks are making some big moves. Richie Assaly at the Toronto Star has more.

As of this week, “Something In The Way” has been used to soundtrack nearly 200,000 TikTok videos. Its ubiquity there has undoubtedly contributed to the fact that the song recently entered the Hot 100 Chart last month — some 31 years after its release.

“All it takes is one video that might have been kind of funny that somebody posts on TikTok, and all of a sudden spreads out everywhere, and becomes a fixture in everyone’s mind,” Joshua Johnson, a popular TikTok creator who mostly creates videos about Star Wars, told the Star.

Toronto Star

While anyone who grew up on this music can get all "I don't want to be old now", it is reinforcing one thing we all knew about this music when it was brand new: the songs were good. And now, here in 2022, we've seen it stand the test of time.