Stupid Summon

For all the whiz-bang features Tesla keeps pumping into its cars via software updates, there are many that do not live up to the hype. Full self driving with AutoPilot has been shown to still be in its infancy regardless of what Elon Musk promises.

Another feature that is quite rough around the edges is the Smart Summon feature. This is supposed to summon your car to you automatically without anyone driving. The idea is if you want to get into your car but not walk to it, your car will come to you. Well, what everyone failed to realize is you shouldn't do this when airplanes are in the way. Yes, airplanes. Samantha Cole at Vice has more.

Tesla Model Ys have a feature called “Smart Summon” that, when activated, will call the car to its owner; for example, bring it from the back of a parking lot to the curb of a store where they’re waiting. In this video, the Tesla in question creeps up to a Cirrus Vision jet, collides with its tail, and keeps pushing, moving the more than 1.5-ton jet around in a half-circle before it stops. 


According to Cole's reporting, the damage to the jet is estimated to be at around $2 million, which is a lot more than the damage to the Tesla itself. It's hard to know who is to blame here: the car itself for not stopping / overriding the summon when sensing something in its way or the knucklehead who thought this was a good idea.