For Whom The Tweet Trolls

Twitter. Elon Musk. Insert sigh. Yeah, it's been a lot over the past two weeks with these two. It's difficult to go into the entire Elon / Twitter fiasco because I simply can't gauge how much this affects or even is on the radar of people who aren't fully in tune with social media.

The true TL;DR is Elon bought a ton of Twitter stock. Twitter, knowing this could be bad, offered him a board seat in exchange for not buying more. Elon said yes. Celebrate. Elon says no a few days later. Elon offers to buy Twitter. Twitter begins "poison pill" techniques to stop a hostile takeover.

Yup, a lot. There are a few conflicting things that are very much true about Elon Musk. First, he's a troll. He likes to stir up shit because he can. He's the richest person on the planet and he probably gets bored. However, he also goes 100% into any venture he enters. Nothing with Elon Musk is half-assed. He turned PayPal into Tesla into SpaceX. The man, agree or disagree with his personal views, does make things happen.

Twitter is also in a fragile state lately. They only took the initiative to ban their biggest troll ever only after the damage of many years was done. They stagnate on innovation and have not really listened to anyone about working to help with diversity on the platform. While Twitter is not nearly as bad as Facebook Meta, they need improvement.

Elon Musk offering to buy Twitter is, to me, a stunt. He can offer all the money in the world but they aren't going to sell. They know what he is capable of if they give him the keys to the biggest town square in human history. Musk can tweet and spew his juvenile views on his own account. However, by no means should anyone think he can take an unbiased approach to running the company.

Would Elon Musk improve Twitter? Maybe in some ways. Will he drive it off a cliff at some point simply because he can? Absolutely. The consequences of his actions are simply an "inconvenience". No fine or SEC impositions or anything else can make a dent.

Jack Dorsey handed over the reins of the place only a few months ago. I'd prefer if someone who didn't blatantly flout the normal ways society operates was in charge.

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