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One staple of the mid-nineties is Mortal Kombat. The arcade game took the world by storm due to its digitized fighters recorded from real actors. Oh, and there was violence galore. So it came as no surprise when a sequel came out soon thereafter.

Mortal Kombat II was a phenomenon and (in my opinion) the best of the series. Midway took everything great about the first one, dialed it up to the extreme, and improved it in so many ways. Now, YouTuber Modern Vintage Gamer goes over the AI of Mortal Kombat II and how it looks like the game was actually cheating.

Modern Vintage Gamer

The video is about 10-minutes long but goes into how the game's AI would react to what you were doing in the same frame of video you performed a move. It would cancel your action and let your opponent's move land instead. However, there is more to this as MVG dives into some of the MK source code to see how the difficulty was handled.

Mortal Kombat was an amazing game and, for me, one of the highlights of owning a Sega Genesis since it got all the gore that was left out of the SNES version.

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