Driverless Car Runs From Cops

You know you truly live in the future when robots are having encounters with police. Recently a Cruise driverless car was stopped by San Francisco police during the evening. Cue lots of walking around, trying to figure out what to do, and... the car driving off for a short distance to then stop again. Surely that's something a driver IN the car would've been arrested for! Alexander Stoklosa at Motor Trend has more.

The Cruise vehicle, which is based on a Chevrolet Bolt electric hatchback, initially stops for the officers attempting the traffic stop. Amusingly, not long after one of the officers exits the police car to approach the self-driving Bolt, the Chevy, ahem, bolts—slowly driving through an intersection before pulling over again and activating its flashers. The police catch up to the Bolt, which presumably pulled over the second time because the cops activated their emergency lights, and proceed to walk around the now-parked Chevy while making calls on their phones.

Motor Trend

The stop looks to be because the car was driving with its lights off, which is obviously breaking the law and quite unsafe. According to Stoklosa's reporting, the car was let go without a ticket being issued. You can view the full video of the stop here, as it was posted to Instagram.