Pixel DIY

As mentioned in the previous issue of The Stream, there is a lot of positivity and momentum when it comes to Right to Repair. And sure enough, this past week both Samsung and Google have come aboard.

Both companies have partnered with iFixIt, which sells parts and tools for people to perform DIY repairs. Even more important are the walkthroughs they post to their site on HOW to actually do those jobs. The great thing about the guides is you can see in full detail what it takes to do the job before buying anything. They rank the difficulty and time. I think this is quite valuable because it helps you gauge whether you can do the job yourself or have it professionally done.

Repairing devices instead of constantly buying new ones has a giant impact on the environment. Alex Perry at Mashable has more on this aspect of Right to Repair.

This news comes just about a week after Samsung announced it would do the exact same thing for its Galaxy phones, right down to partnering with iFixIt to make it happen. Apple also announced a similar self-repair program late last year for iPhones, Mac computers, and more. Each phone that gets repaired instead of replaced can help with the fact that we collectively dump almost 60 million tons of e-waste into the world in a year, so the more tech companies who get with the program, the better.