Do A Kickflip

Perennial awesome dude Tony Hawk posted a video back in 2019 of him driving around town. Sounds boring, right? Well in fact he was hauling a bunch of skateboard decks he'd autographed and went looking for kids skateboarding around town. This is when the magic happened.

Hawk repeatedly rolled down the window of his Tesla and shouted "do a kickflip!" to which the skater responded with the trick. Then Hawk simply handed them a board or other swag for doing it. The surprise and joy of people randomly having one of the best skaters on the planet roll on by and talk to them is super awesome. Even better is you see the joy Tony Hawk has when he does this.

The best is how he talks about how far skateboarding has come from when he was a kid. He explains a kickflip was a next-level trick back then and now nearly anyone who skates can do it like it's nothing. It's a bit of a long watch, but seeing a cool guy being cool and giving back to the people who are carrying the torch never gets old.

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