Greetings and happy Saturday. April is here and "The Great Pollening" has begun. One short drive outside for me and I was feeling it. I'd been hoping for the cold to go away so much that I forgot that now I have to remain inside less my head feels like it's in a vice. Fun!

This week has been one of getting back on track with many facets of life. Being away for some time is nice, but also means a reset nearly everywhere. However, I am thoroughly still enjoying Star Trek Picard and I am now 2/3 done with The Paradox Hotel on my Kindle.

Given that TimeMachiner is to bring a bit of random to you, I'm going to try something new: giving you a random factoid with each issue. As long as I can remember to do it, I'll do my best to include these for you.

A day on Venus lasts longer than a year on Venus.


That's it for me. Enjoy today's issue and be sure to reply back if you have anything you want to say. See you on Tuesday.

-Aaron 👍🏻