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When Disney announced the price of their Galactic Starcruiser experience I was taken aback by the cost. Six grand for a 72-hour experience in Florida is asking a lot of people. Maybe it's because of the price or people still not wanting to travel because of COVID, but Katie Dowd at SFGate reports that Disney isn't exactly in need of any sort of waitlist.

[The Galactic Starcruiser] is not even close to selling out, Disney’s availability calendar shows. Guests who check the “start planning your voyage” page will nearly have their pick of dates through the second half of 2022. Almost every day in August, September, October, November and December is available. There are still “voyages” in June and July, too, including a number of weekends.


Disney invited media to come and experience a condensed version of the experience a few weeks ago. I read some reviews and skimmed through some YouTube videos showing what it's like. I won't lie: it's super tempting to do this. It looks amazing and Disney, as you'd expect, has spared no expense. This is full immersion for a sustained amount of time.

Perhaps Disney's strategy is to price most people out of the Starcruiser in order to work the kinks out or to ramp things up in an orderly fashion. I am sure they want to recoup their investment ASAP too. My hope is within a few years this experience will drop in price to become something realistic a family could do. Right now, as I mentioned during Disney's pricing announcement, you could take a longer and better vacation to Europe or many other places for less than 3-days in Orlando. Given that Disney is raising ticket prices consistently in the past few years, limiting guests in some way with crowd control, and generally making Upsell a key part of their business, I won't hold my breath on boarding the Starcruiser anytime soon.

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