A good Saturday to everyone. I am so excited for Spring to arrive tomorrow. Here in NY the weather has begun to shift and it's actually somewhat possible to go outside with only a hoodie or light jacket on. With the time change comes a lovely extended evening too.

These past few days have me enjoying the "Time To Walk" feature of Apple Fitness+ on my watch. These audio walks feature notable people going on a walk and recounting interesting things about their life. So far I've quite enjoyed them and it's a nice way to get in some activity while also working my mind.

I hope you enjoyed the newest issue of The Longform that hit your inboxes on Thursday. I'm always up for hearing feedback. Please know that this coming week I will be away. You will still get TimeMachiner on schedule, but I may be delayed in responding to any email.

Thanks and I'll see you on Tuesday.

-Aaron 👍🏻

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