No Chorus, No Problem

Generally, music follows a structure. A song will have some verses, a chorus, a bridge, then more chorus. That key and repeating part of the song is usually what sticks the most. Now, enter this video from David Bennett that goes over famous songs without a chorus.

The chorus is also a big way in which we identify a song. There are so many "I didn't know what song this was until the chorus" situations that have crossed my mind over the years. However, Bennett talks about specific songs that are mega-hits. None of them have a chorus.

But a chorus is certainly not an essential element to a song and many songs do go without. So how do chorus-less songs manage without the focus and energy of a chorus and can avoiding a chorus actually have advantages?

David Bennett

From The Beatles to Queen, this is a pretty interesting breakdown of just how these artists worked to create songs that are amazing but have no staple of most songs. It's a 16-min watch, but if you're a music nerd, the video is well worth the time.

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