👋🏻 Happy Tuesday... TimeMachinerserers? I never gave much thought as to how I could address my readers, but "you awesome people" is a good start. So, Happy Tuesday you awesome people! Have a better suggestion? Hit reply and let me know! 😆

It's crazy to think we're halfway through March. However, it is fantastic to get some daylight back in the late afternoon. I, for one, was not enjoying the sunset at 5:15. Hopefully, we're reaching the end of winter. It's a nice feeling to get out for a walk and enjoy some fresh air.

Today's issue will be three quick hits of random for you. Thursday of this week brings a new edition of The Longform and it comes a day early for everyone who's a member. I once again want to thank everyone who's new here and I appreciate you checking out TimeMachiner. As always, if you have something to say, just hit reply.

Thanks and I'll see you on Thursday.

-Aaron 👍🏻

Before You Go...

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