Green Update

While Microsoft may have pioneered regular software updates back in the Windows 98 days, they are not alone in this realm anymore. We live in (and have lived in it for a long while) a world where software constantly updates. It is to the point where developers will even ship software to get it out the door and patch / update it later on. Now, Microsoft is doing something interesting: updating when the computer is using green energy. Andrew Cunningham at Ars Technica has more.

Using "regional carbon intensity data" from electricityMap and Watttime, Windows will keep tabs on what kinds of power your electrical grid is currently using and will attempt to install updates "when greater amounts of clean energy sources (like wind, solar, and hydro) are available.

Ars Technica

Generally, your system will update when it's not in use. Usually this is overnight but now, with a focus on trying to perform intensive tasks with green energy, it could become a system wherein a computer could try to update at any time. While I applaud Microsoft for doing something like this, it does not make sense to interrupt people for a very long time in order to update a machine, especially if it's being used for work. Maybe green energy and overnight usage will line up more than we think? Time will tell.