Switch At Five

It's crazy to think the Nintendo Switch has been on the market for five years. Back in 2017, it was very much a gamble. Nobody could know it would be a massive success over and over. Nintendo has rebounded from the Wii U years incredibly well. I personally bought my Switch at launch and fell in love immediately. The biggest change Nintendo made this generation was making sure there was a constant release of games. That (among other reasons) was a big reason for the Wii U's failure.

Over on Endgadget, they go over some of their favorite games for the system. I'll include one from that list here, to give you a taste.

Metroid Dread faced a tall order when it launched in late 2021. It was the first all-new Metroid game since 2010’s disappointing Metroid: Other M, and the first new mainline, side-scrolling game in the series since Metroid Fusion way back in 2002. Fortunately for Metroid fans, Nintendo pulled it off. Dread works just as well whether you’ve played all of Samus Aran’s earlier adventures or if it’s your first time giving the series a shot.


I put some hours into the game and found it a lot of fun to play. Of course, I sunk 500+ hours into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, mainly because of 2020 lockdowns. But, I will forever say that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is, by far, still THE best Switch game. For me, Nintendo hit it out of the park with that launch title. I eagerly await the sequel.

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