A good Saturday to all.

It only takes something like news of what is happening in Ukraine to remind me that there are many insignificant things surrounding us. In the grand scheme of the world, this newsletter doesn't matter. None of my focus within each issue can hold a candle to what is going on outside some people's homes.

For me, there was a relief last year when I finally decided to stop checking the news all the time. I gave up my "news habit" because it had consumed me. American politics was a lot. With a change in who was in charge of my country, I felt it was time to step back. I was exhausted. I think many felt the same. So, how do we balance that numbness and exhaustion with the need to be informed and educated about the world?

I debated about what to do for today's issue of TimeMachiner. Do I ignore the invasion of another country and "stay in my lane"? Do I focus solely on this event, bringing politics and the news cycle into this space? I've worked hard to avoid it at all costs. In the end, I have decided to do both. And hopefully, this issue will be an exception instead of the norm.

Today's edition was half-written before the Russian invasion of Ukraine and for those who wish to focus on anything but current events, those stories are for you. I have written two pieces since Thursday morning's news that addresses the events in a way I hope is true to TimeMachiner's mission of bringing offbeat and random things to you. They may not be exactly dedicated to this exact scenario affecting the world, but they remain absolutely relevant.

Thanks for reading. I hope Tuesday brings a better focus for all.