Yet Another List

Over on Den of Geek, they asked their staff to rank the best sci-fi films of the past 15-years. They also asked their readers to get in on the action as well. I may have to hand in my Nerd Card because there's a lot on here that I haven't seen. Colossal, The Endless, and Annihilation all flew under my radar.

Some notable movies I have actually seen are higher up on the list. One that I really loved is Interstellar.

Finishing higher on this sort of list than many might have expected in 2014, there’s a strange haunting quality to Christopher Nolan’s space epic that lingers on nearly a decade later. As its enigmatic filmmaker’s most heartfelt and sentimental movie, Interstellar bends time and gravity itself—and even educated millions about the theory of relativity—in order to talk about the love between fathers and daughters.

Den of Geek

There are plenty of gems on this list, however, I do have to disagree with the placement of District 9. I saw it in the theater and was pretty underwhelmed. Perhaps I simply didn't get it, but I never saw what the large appeal of that movie was.

Agree or disagree with their list of movies, it's a good way to find new things to watch.

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