Burning Rubber

It's no secret that buying a car right now is a complete nightmare. You have dealerships marking up cars by $5, $10, $15k because of the increased demand. On the used side, there's never been a better time to sell your car. Even Carvana is buying cars from people for more than their original sticker price.

If you're in the market for a VW or Porche, get ready to add another headache to your list because this news by Jonathan Franklin over on NPR hits hard.

A ship carrying cars from Germany to the United States caught fire in the Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday, forcing the crew's 22 members to abandon the vessel and leave it burning and adrift. The nearly 650-foot-long ship Felicity Ace is capable of carrying 4,000 cars and was loaded with Porsches and Volkswagens.


Thankfully the 22-member crew of the Felicity Ace were all rescued and are safe. That is priority number one. However, when you get to priority two, this is a huge blow to anyone who's trying to buy a car and now has to wait a lot longer.

The supply-chain issues don't discriminate and when you lob things like an abandoned burning ship into the mix, it is a situation where you want to toss up your hands and shout "enough already!"