Fifty And Charge

In a further push to get electric vehicles into more driveways comes a plan by the US government to set up charging stations at set intervals. The first iteration of predictable stops to charge a car is set to build chargers every 50 miles along interstate highways. When those stations are built, they must contain a minimum of four chargers and each with the capacity to provide 150 kW. Tim De Chant at ArsTechnica has more.

Once states have completed the Interstate charging network, they’ll be able to apply for grants to fill in gaps elsewhere. The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, a new agency formed to help the Transportation and Energy Departments administer the program, will allow case-by-case exceptions to the 50-mile requirement if, for example, no grid connection is available nearby.


I agree that charging in set intervals of distance is important to owning an EV. However, there are issues that further hamper the adoption of these cars. Mainly getting chargers onto the premises of apartments & condos along with making sure the chargers built everywhere are operational. YouTuber MKBHD went into this extensively last year when he did an "EV Challenge". Spoiler: the Mustang drivers relying on Ford's charging network had a LOT harder of a time than Marques' Tesla due to non-functioning chargers. When it comes to people in apartments, if a charger is not located where people are parking at home, it makes the value proposition a lot tougher. If anything, a push in this area is equally important as trying to stave off range anxiety by investing so much money.