Spielberg’s Films Ranked

Over at Thrillist, Dan Jackson and Matt Patches went through 32 of Steven Speilberg's films and ranked them. The list does the usual worst-to-best reverse order and, spoiler, Crystal Skull takes the crown for worst of the worst. Coming in at 32, this dud of a stinker is the epitome of why some movie franchises should leave good enough alone.

The action-adventure revival rolled into fans' lives like an 8-ton boulder booby trap. There are spurts of Spielberg-patented, high-flying fun—the opening shootout in Area 51 and a chase across Professor Jones' university campus summon the angular thrills of Raiders of the Lost Ark—but computer graphics, a sci-fi plot, and Harrison Ford's dwindling stamina ravage Crystal Skull.


Surprisingly is Hook coming in next at 31. I saw this a few times when it was new and thought it was a fun movie. Perhaps it was because I was young at the time, but I really thought Dustin Hoffman and Robin Williams did a great job with it.

The one great thing about this list is to see the variety Speilberg has created over his tenure behind the lens. From ET to Minority Report to Schindler's List, it's tough to imagine another director whose body of work has had such an impact. Yes, Speilberg has some stinkers on his resume, but the good outweighs the bad a million-to-one.

Check out the list and you'll surely find something you'll want to watch.