Listening Together

If you're an Apple Music subscriber, like I am, it's painfully apparent that Apple lacks some core social features. Their "Replay" feature pales in comparison to Spotify's "Wrapped" year-end review. In addition, there is no way to collaborate on a playlist with friends. A new app, Caset, looks to change that.

Billed as a "mixtapes for the new era", Caset is an app that lets you create playlists with friends. Anyone you share the playlist with can add tracks too. Even better is you can give a tapback-style reaction to tracks, allowing a simple feedback mechanism to exist.

Mixtapes represent a time when communities were formed around sharing and celebrating music together. A tradition long lost, until now. Caset is a gaming-changing new app that recreates the magic of mixtapes and further elevates it with advanced technologies.

Caset's Homepage

I've been using Caset for a couple of weeks and think it's pretty slick. The app is free to use for most features, though does offer in-app purchases to give better playlist artwork options and such. It's simple to add songs to a playlist and people you share with see the updates easily. My one complaint is you must listen to the playlist within the app. Anything you create doesn't sync to the Music app, which would be nice. Overall, it's a cool app and one to check out especially if you enjoy sharing songs you enjoy with those around you.

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