Switching It Up

Normally I don't care too much about quarterly reports from companies, but Nintendo's shareholder call did reveal something pretty noteworthy. Nintendo revealed that the Switch is now their best-selling console of all time. It has officially surpassed the Wii's gangbuster sales. Matt Purslow at IGN has more.

The Nintendo Switch has become the fastest home console to sell 100 million units, and has now outsold the Nintendo Wii.

Announced in Nintendo’s financial report for the third quarter of the fiscal year ending March 2022, the company revealed that the lifetime sales of the Nintendo Switch is 103.54 million units as of December 31, 2021.

This pushes the Switch past the Wii, making it Nintendo’s best-selling console that you can plug into a TV. It has some way to go before eclipsing the Nintendo DS, though, which sold 153 million consoles across its numerous iterations.


It's been talked about many times how Nintendo needed a home run after their abysmal botching of the Wii U console. The Switch, which I've had since its 2017 launch, changed how we think of what consoles are able to do. The Switch's biggest victory was that it was never a gimmick. Everything Nintendo promised about it had come true real fast after it went on sale.

It's great to see Nintendo doing well in this console generation. And, maybe because I'm biased, I will never fully admit any console has ever outsold the NES. It's always king to me. 😉