First Class All the Way

In one of the more interesting things to do with a retired aircraft, this story from CNN talks about a super-unique project. Suzannah Harvey, the CEO of Cotswold Airport near Kemble in England purchased a retired 747 for £1 (around $1.30) in October 2020. The goal was to convert it into a party space people could rent out.

The project is nearly complete and while she may have scored a bargain for the plane itself, the job to transform it into its new role was a different story.

The makeover has cost nearly £500,000 ($671,000). However, Harvey points out that around £200,000 ($268,000) of that was spent on putting in a new concrete pad, and £80,000 ($107,000) on rewiring costs. Although the work took far longer than expected, partly due to delivery issues as a result of the pandemic, the aircraft turned event space is finally ready to welcome guests. Its official launch will take place later this month.


If partying on a converted jumbo jet is your idea of a good time, make sure you bring your black AMEX. Harvey's plane will run you $1,300 per hour or $16,000 for a 24-hour booking if you're doing the whole wedding thing.