Wordle Pays Wordle

If you're not addicted to Wordle yet, it's a surprise. The game has gone viral over the past month with players all over the world enjoying this one-a-day guessing game. What gets missed a ton in all of the reporting is that Wordle is not an app. Wordle exists solely on the web and it's 100% free. However, Steven Cravotta who created an app called "Wordle!" 4 years ago noticed a ton of purchases of his old app.

Cravotta's app has been a big hit in the Wordle fever that's been brewing. But what to do about this surprising newfound success? Cravotta himself admits he built the app to work on his coding skills and due to a lack of interest, he never updated it. So, being the nice guy he is, he reached out to Josh Wardle to donate all the money he's made.

A great end to a great story. Unlike this bojo who got toasted for being the moron he is.

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