Fiji Crypto

Depending on whom you speak to, cryptocurrency is either the second-coming of money or it's a complete waste of time. Leave it to people who have too much time on their hands to come up with some Fyre Fest level ideas on what to do with the crypto 'riches'. Two people who want to create a crypto utopia of sorts in Fiji have run into real-world roadblocks.

Widely mocked plans to establish a tropical haven for cryptocurrency enthusiasts have run into trouble after a contract to buy an island in Fiji for US$12m fell through.

A group of crypto-evangelists, led by Max Olivier and Helena Lopez, outlined plans for the island, Nananu-i-cake, in a lavishly animated YouTube video, featuring a wide-eyed crypto bro named Christopher landing by helicopter and being given a guided tour by a talking coin called Connie.

The Guardian

In addition to not being able to purchase an island for "Cryptoland" (yes it's really called that), everything on the island was going to have a terrible crypto-related name. The names included Cryptoland Bay, Crypto Beach, House of Dao. Left out of much of the conversation is how this island's logistics would function. Infrastructure such as utilities, employees, sanitation, and emergency procedures are all light on details.

If you're looking to waste time, you can view the cringe-worthy YouTube video they put together with terrible animation and stupidity everywhere.