YouTube TV Loses The Mouse

For many cord-cutters out there, YouTube TV has been a good option as a replacement service. The Alphabet-owned streaming service carries a bunch of live channels for $65 a month. Unlike cable, there's no contracts or hoops or bundling or any other nonsense. One thing however that has carried over from cable-land are disputes with networks.

As of today, YouTube TV lost access to all Disney channels it was carrying. Jon Brodkin as more at Ars Technica.

YouTube TV was seeking a most-favored-nation (MFN) clause from Disney. "Our ask to Disney, as with all our partners, is to treat YouTube TV like any other TV provider—by offering us the same rates that services of a similar size pay, across Disney's channels for as long as we carry them," YouTube TV said at the time.

Ars Technica

The list of channels lost is quite lengthy given how many Disney owns. It includes the ABC channels and ESPN's bundle too. Unlike cable companies though, YouTube TV is actually doing something for their customers because of this. They're lowering rates automatically by $15 a month for as long as the dispute is happening. When was the last time a cable company did that?

The saddest conclusion to draw from this all is the fact that cord-cutting has gone from a simple alternative away from expensive cable to a system that is equally or more expensive than cable. It has the same drawbacks of channel blackouts, disputes, and price increases. Even worse is the nickel and diming of people who need to subscribe to other services as well in order to watch exclusive content. TV is not cheap these days. The original idea of cutting the cord, once so elegant, is now a bunch of companies fighting over a different pie that sucks almost as much.

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