Pocketing the Games

Console manufacturer Analogue is a well-known player in the retro-gaming scene. They make high-end gaming consoles that can play retro games. The machines emulate original hardware via fancy chips called FPGAs and they are pixel-perfect recreations of what Nintendo and Sega put out in the 80's & 90's.

Hot on the heels of their TurboGrafx system comes the long-awaited release of their portable console, the Analogue Pocket.

At a glance, the Pocket looks like production on the Game Boy never stopped and Nintendo kept revising it over the past three decades. It has basically the same form factor as the original Game Boy. The Pocket is a plastic brick you hold up vertically, available in either black or white, with a square screen up top, a D-pad and face buttons below, and a cartridge slot in the back. There are a few changes, of course.

The Verge

The Pocket is super-slick looking. Not only does it play original GameBoy cartridges but it will also support the entire Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance library. Want to get your fill from Sega and other companies' releases? The Pocket will have cartridge adapters for Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Atari Lynx & more. Essentially, the Pocket is a portable video gaming powerhouse.

Analogue announced the pocket nearly two years ago and was delayed so long for, well, you know. Finally, pre-orders are up as of the 14th and Analogue will get them into people's hands early 2022. For what this little device does, it will surely be a hit for any portable retro gaming fan out there.

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