Matrix Awakens: What Is Real

Earlier this past week Epic dropped a ten minute demo of the upcoming game The Matrix Awakens. This uses the latest Unreal engine to render the gameplay on Xbox Series X and PS5. I could keep talking about it, but you need to see just how incredible this game looks.

Epic says, and it all looks incredibly real – there will be moments in which you won't be able to discern whether you're watching a real-life movie or a game. The environment in which the action is happening is an open-world city, full of AI-controlled characters and vehicles which make different decisions based on what's happening around them, making the entire world more believable.


Mashable covers it here. That article includes the trailer. It's a fun time and is better than any game trailer I've seen in a long time. The Matrix is getting (rightly) a lot of hype as the upcoming film releases soon. I am excited to see this new chapter in Neo's story.

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