T2: The Modern Recut

Storytelling for movies have come a long way over the decades. Specifically when you see movie trailers, you can tell how a studio's methods change when enticing you to see a film. Some movies that stand the test of time would benefit from a modern take on their trailer.

That's exactly what Michael Edwards has done with Terminator 2: Judgement Day. He's taken this classic sci-fi action-drama and cut a trailer worthy of the modern era. It's gorgeous and looks pro AF.

Have a look for yourself:

Michael Edwards

Two things strike me as excellent attention to detail. First, the omission of the theme. It's everywhere in the trailer and throughout the movie. Edwards omits it completely. Second, he cuts it to keep the plot twist of the movie intact.

I've seen T2 more times than I can count. I saw it in the theaters as a kid and numerous times as an adult. I've said forever that T2 is one of the rare movies where the sequel is better than the first film. Don't get me wrong, Terminator is a fantastic action 80's movie. It's dark and gritty and thrilling. But it does not have the gravity of T2. James Cameron outdid himself with T2.

Edwards did fantastic work on this and I applaud him. Maybe he will cut a modern Back to the Future trailer, given how bland the real one was. You can keep an eye on his work via his YouTube, Twitter and Instagram accounts.