Nuggets and Noms

A pizza box sits on a table. Moments later two curious faces enter the frame, excited by its contents. The two keep glancing at each other while building their anticipation for what lays inside. Each speaks in gibberish only the other can understand. With a lift of the lid, the pair are shocked to discover it’s empty. First, there’s shock. Then there’s bellyaching. The pair turn to the camera and send gibberish accusations at whoever is filming. Finally, they slink away off camera, defeated again.

This entire sequence plays out in less than 20 seconds. The narrative is tight, the lighting perfect for the indoor scene, and even when spoken in complete gibberish the viewer knows exactly what is being said. But this is no run-of-the-mill video. This Instagram video is one of many starring, not human beings, but plushie stuffed animals. In this case, it is two Ikea sharks. It is a world unto itself where animated creatures come to life, have their own language, and constantly look for food in the funniest ways possible.

This is the story of Blahaj and Plushie Instagram: one of the most wholesome places on the internet.

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