Streaming TV service Pluto is coming to the Google TV platform. Pluto does something pretty revolutionary: they have liner TV channels that run commercials and doesn't let you rewind, skip, or pause. It's literally the style of live TV but on a streaming app. And I love it.

Catie Keck at The Verge has more:

Beginning today, Google TV will now support Pluto TV within the live TV tab, meaning users can easily access more than 300 free channels from the platform’s primary live TV hub. Pluto TV is the fourth streaming service to grab a spot on Google TV’s tab. 

The Verge

Pluto has been quietly making the rounds in cord cutter circles for a while. It was purchased by Viacom a couple of years ago and not only did the experience get much better, but more channels were added. Viacom owns a LOT of stuff so you get classic Doctor Who, Star Trek, MTV, and on and on. While the 300 channels won't all appeal to all users, Pluto has something for everyone. For people who miss "background TV" or simply putting something on just to mindlessly watch, Pluto is perfect. It thrives because it doesn't try to be anything more than it is: a kick-ass ad-supported streaming service.

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