Benn Jordan Reveals the Streaming Music Grift

Benn Jordan, known for writing music under the name The Flashbulb, has uploaded a 20-minute video to YouTube in which he goes over how he’s been scammed. And not by some ordinary person, but by a reputable NYT reporter. At first, this video seems quite long for viewing. But Jordan goes into many details on how New York Times reporter Ian Urbina has allegedly scammed him. Jordan says he was solicited to write original music in exchange for potential exposure.

We know exactly what exposure is worth: zero.

The video is a full takedown of Urbina’s position wherein he allegedly solicited artists to write music, dangled promotion as the reward, then used the contract & copyright to earn all the money. It’s a fascinating exposure of the way streaming music and contracts can work against an artist. Benn Jordan and other artists put work and love into creating music for Urbina’s project. They get nothing in royalties. It’s a pretty crappy way to treat people.

You can view the video here to see the full story of how this grift

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