Jack Dorsey Leaves Twitter

From the "things I didn't see coming" category is the announcement by Jack Dorsey (Twitter's co-founder) that he is stepping down as Twitter's CEO. He, of course, announced it in a tweet. It's more of a one-liner of text accompanied by a screen shot of his email he sent to the company.

not sure anyone has heard but, I resigned from Twitter

Originally tweeted by jack⚡️ (@jack) on November 29, 2021.

To tl;dr the whole thing, he basically doesn't want Twitter to be a "founder-led" company at this time and feels it would be better if someone else were at the helm. I can't say I blame him. Microsoft has flourished since Steve Ballmer left. Apple has done the same with Tim Cook leading the company after Jobs' death.

There is something to be said by letting a company stand on its own, without the founder meddling with everything. Twitter has been through a ton over the years, but this will be an interesting milestone when we look back. Time will judge how this decision plays out. Jack Dorsey is pretty smart. Not only did he do all this work with Twitter but he also founded Square. That system of accepting payments is ubiquitous among most small businesses. I don't think he'll be bored for work any time soon.

Here is the entire screen shot of his email, which was included in the tweet:

Jack Dorsey's email to twitter that announces he is stepping down as twitter's CEO.