GTA Nope

The much-awaited Grand Theft Auto compilation for Nintendo Switch is out and talk about a disappointment. After Rockstar released the game, people have been tearing it to shreds due to an awful conversation, especially on Switch. In some ways GTA runs even worse than on PS2, a console 3 generations behind the Switch.

[It's] one of the worst user-rated Switch game [on Metacritic] ever. After its release on November 11, 2021, it became the focus of much ire, mainly due to poor optimization, bugs, glitches, graphical inferiority compared to the original PlayStation 2 titles, and more.


I was pretty pumped to check GTA out. That is until Chris Brandwick, who runs Switch Weekly, tweeted out a 30+ min breakdown video showing this poor conversion. Thanks to his keen eye, I've decided to hold off on purchasing this until a patch is released. That is if there even will be one. Grand Theft Auto may never get properly fixed. This is yet another example of games being shipped before they're truly ready. Many gamers will be reminded of the Cyberpunk 2077 debacle that basically burned its developer, CD Projekt Red.