Thieves Steal Truckload of Graphics Cards

Something I never thought would be reality in 2021: graphics cards being so desirable that people are stealing them. That is exactly what happened last week though.

Thieves made off with a whole truckload of EVGA RTX 30-Series graphics cards. The graphic cards were in transit from San Francisco to EVGA’s southern California distribution center at the time of the theft, and it remains unclear how many cards were affected.

The Verge

There is the chip shortage affecting everything lately. Another constraint are the groups mining crypto with these cards. However, it is crazy to think that people are resorting to full-on theft, nabbing high-end graphics cards to sell on the secondary market for people to mine virtual currency. I don't know if we live in bizarro-world or not, but we have surely hit some tipping point somewhere. This is what it's come to. Also, know that it's a crime to buy anything you suspect is stolen. So if a deal for these RTX-30 cards lands in your lap, it is good to be cautious.