The Verge’s Worst of the Worst

It's hard to believe, but The Verge is celebrating 10 years this week. They're posting a bunch of retrospectives that are great reads. One of them takes the cake. In "The Worst Gadgets We've Ever Touched" they lambast tech that should've been great but fell short in the worst ways.

Notable entries include the awful Red Hydrogen phone, Ouya, and Apple's butterfly keyboard debacle.

Apple inflicted the butterfly keyboard on millions of customers for years, giving it the dubious distinction of causing the most tangible badness of anything we’ve ever reviewed.

Some products on the Verge's list are obvious while others I had forgotten about. I'm sure the manufacturers of those gadgets wish they could forget them too. Either way, it's a fun story to read and one full of cringe you can't look away from.

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