Apple Relents: Usable Tabs Return to Safari

On Wednesday Apple released version 15.1 of Safari. This is momentous because it finally puts the tab disaster officially in the past. Since WWDC back in June, people have been adamant that Apple does not need to mess with Safari's tabs. But Apple did, stuck with the design, and even shipped it out as full release-worthy software.

The revolt didn't stop. With this update, the Tabs section in Safari's Preferences now offers a "Separate" option. This is the classic style we all know and is the most usable. I'm happy, everyone else using Safari should be happy, and Apple will now probably pretend this never happened. For anyone out there who actually enjoyed this abomination, the "Compact" tab view still exists, minus the other options present on version 15.0 such as removing color matching or having the address bar be a separate item.

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