The Real Reason the Supply Chain is Broken

Recently there was a fantastic segment by David Pogue for CBS Sunday Morning wherein he goes over the current supply chain problems. It's been a royal pain in the ass to find certain products and yet we hear reports of container ships waiting outside ports for days to unload all their cargo. It all comes down to one thing: trucks.

With all the technology and efficiency implemented over the years there's a single fact that holds true: we are overly-dependent on trucks and truckers to move all these goods to and fro. The oxygen the supply chain requires is a truck moving those goods at all times. A container ship delivers their stuff to a port? A truck has to move it to the distribution center. The distribution center needs to move pallets to fulfillment centers? They need a truck. You ordered stuff from a website? A truck has to come and move those boxes.

The pandemic has screwed a lot with the balance of how everything works. Pogue's explanation is awesome and you should absolutely watch it. Trucking isn't some antiquated job that is going out of style. It's a century's old industry that still powers a humongous amount of our modern commerce infrastructure.