Doctor Who Goes Back to the Beginning

Huge news coming from the Hollywood Reporter regarding the Doctor Who universe. The BBC has announced that Russell T. Davies, Who's show runner for the first few seasons, is returning to the role after 12 years.

Russell T. Davies — who was instrumental in helping revive Doctor Who in 2005, ending a 16-year hiatus on TV screens — is set to make a sensational return to the BBC’s cult sci-fi series.

The acclaimed and multi-award-winning TV creator behind shows such as Queer as Folk and, more recently, Years and Years, A Very English Scandal and It’s a Sin was unveiled Friday as taking over from outgoing showrunnner Chris Chibnall, who announced earlier this summer that he would be handing over his keys to the TARDIS in 2022 alongside current Time Lord Jodie Whittaker.

Davies, who left the show in 2009, will take the reins again in 2023 to celebrate Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary and, according to the BBC, “series beyond.”

Hollywood Reporter

This is monumental as a "Whovian" because Davies literally helmed the show during shaky times where nothing was certain. I am nowhere near a hardcore Whovian that analyzes every episode. However, the general sense I've gathered is the prior few seasons have been weak. Personally I've loved Jodi Whittaker as the Doctor and I will be sad to see her go. She and current show runner Chris Chibnall announced they're leaving after the upcoming season. This leads me to believe there's some legitimacy to the "feel" and the BBC wants more out of the show.

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