Back in the Day, Video Games Were Hard

Video games should always be fun (it’s my only rule when playing) but oh man, old NES games could be brutal. Weird ways to make them more difficult or lack of a good instruction manual always took a game from ‘fun’ to ‘frustrating’ quite fast. Streamer camillestreamss posted this video to Reddit last week wherein a ‘door’ is not what it seems to be.

It’s a fun, short clip and one where we can all chuckle about the outcome. Camille laughs about it as well and let’s face it: we all did something like this when we played video games in the 80’s and 90’s. Reddit user FunnyMathematician77 put it best:

Can confirm, this is actually what playing NES games back in the day was like.
“Where am I supposed to go?! What’s this thing!? What am I supposed to do?! Can I go in this door? No that’s the background.”
And god help you if you didn’t have the instruction booklet.


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