iPhone Ho Hum

Another September is upon us and that means another Apple event where they inevitably say "This is the best iPhone yet" and "Today we're making the iPhone even better." Today Apple announced: iPhone 13 (Mini, normal, Pro, and Pro Max), iPad normal and Mini, then Watch Series 7. Ryan Jones, the developer of the awesome Flighty app, put it succinctly.

Normal person summary of iPhone 13 Pro:
1.5-2.5 hours more battery life
super fluid animations
light blue
macro photos
Portrait Mode for video
smaller notch
better cameras


I know we've reached the point where iPhone updates are incremental. There is really not a tectonic shift year-over-year making you want a new iPhone. The iPad has been in this realm for a long while. This is mainly due to it being the only viable tablet on the market. It's becoming obvious that Apple Watch is entering this zone. If you have a Series 4 or later, there is little reason to buy a new Watch.

A realization I had during Apple's event was hardware has reached a point where it doesn't matter nearly as much as the software. Each year we get a new iOS, iPadOS, and watchOS. This is where the real change is felt. Tweaks to the browser, Photos, sharing, app organization, etc, etc. We have these capable devices in our pockets, super-computers on our wrists and desktop-capable slabs of glass in a backpack. Technology for these devices has plateaued.

Apple can add features yearly, however the advances will not be felt for years later. Only when someone upgrades 4, 5, or six generations up to the latest, do Apple's efforts hit the road. The excitement, to me, has shifted to this realm. I now look forward to software updates rather than chamfered edges and shaving millimeters off thickness.

PS: Looks like the rumors of compatibility-breaking of Watch bands was completely false. For that, I'm happy.