The Return of The Drive-In

It's 2021 and one thing I've found to be really fun is seeing a movie in my car. Talk about an unforeseen plot twist! Due to all the lockdowns last year, I find myself with the desire to do something I'd never done before: see a movie at a Drive-In. I got that chance over the summer and loved it. This year I did it again and it was great! It also feels great to support these small businesses that were struggling pre-pandemic.

The pandemic has changed nearly every aspect of how we spend our free time. Seeing a movie is not only a major hassle but one that literally can be a health risk these days. It was last summer that I noticed a rise in drive-in movies all across the area. A quick DuckDuckGo search for Drive-In movies yields a ton of results. CBS Sunday Morning covered this in the middle of last year. It was both surprising and totally expected to see a huge wave of people pivoting to a drive-in.

There isn't anything new or noteworthy that has happened lately to cause me to reflect on drive-in movie theaters. However, it eliminates so many of my quibbles with seeing a film in a traditional theater. You expect the sound to be so-so. The only light that's annoying is a car's headlights when leaving early. Additionally, it doesn't matter how unruly other viewers are because they're contained to their cars. I love it. Plus, summer weather for a movie is fantastic.

If you get the opportunity to see a movie in your car this year, I can't recommend it enough. Many locations run double-features and don't have arcane rules about bringing in your own food. Summer is quickly making way for fall and if I can go again in 2021, I will absolutely be there.

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