The Matrix Resurrections: More Red Pill Awaits

In a year (and a half) of politics, pandemics, climate-change-induced weather, and other depressing crap, we get something fantastic I'd completely forgotten about. A teaser dropped for the 4th installment in the Matrix now-a series from the Wachowski Sisters.

There's some fun trickery you get to experience by watching the trailer via the official Matrix website and choosing your preferred pill. I won't spoil it, but definitely watch the trailer there instead of on YouTube.

It's been 18 years since our last adventure with Neo and Agent Smith and I was quite happy to let it be. As amazing as The Matrix was, the Reloaded sequel suffered like most do for not being as good as the first. The convoluted twist also required five re-watches of that particular scene just to understand WTF you-know-who was trying to say. Revolutions was really disappointing, mainly because there was zero sense of peril and everything felt really forced. I know The Matrix has its fans, but I couldn't get behind all three films.

However, Resurrections is a fresh take simply by so much time passing. If it's a true continuation of the story, the movie can go in so many directions by acknowledging the time and landing at any point in an 18-year span. The advantage is not being pigeonholed into the same story the second and third installments were forced to continue.

The movie comes out in December, so it'll be a short wait. The full trailer releases tomorrow. I find myself again excited to see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

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