Proof that Amazon’s ‘Customer Obsession’ is BS

Amazon loves to say they're "customer obsessed" in everything they do. Turns out it's a great smokescreen to toss up when they want to ignore the reality of their business. This thread on Twitter is indicative of every customer service interaction I've ever had with Amazon. Even when there's obvious fraud, Amazon DGAF.

The CSR also told me that there are now FIVE Amazon accounts associated with my (now canceled) debit card number. They also maintain that there's no way this security breach happened on Amazon. It is possibly the worst "customer service" I've ever experienced (except maybe Comcast).

Comcast. COMCAST! The company most would vote to be the worst company in America. I would agree and I don't even live in an area serviced by Comcast. Amazon deploys the same (and worse) tactics all companies do when watching their bottom line. Phone numbers are not published and getting to speak to someone on the phone was near-impossible for years. Only in recent times will Amazon call you if that option is even available. Their chat is all scripted boilerplate copy/paste replies. Their support people obviously outsourced to people who are likely underpaid and overworked.

Amazon's "solution" to many things is to simply keep the item and they'll send you the right one or a non-broken one. In one instance I had them deliver something to me I didn't order. Instead of coming to pick it up, they said to keep it and they'd ship it again to the correct person. These courses of action do not solve the problem. In this case in the twitter thread, there's no less than five accounts fraudulently using her credit card. On what planet is not giving her a real answer acceptable?

Amazon exists for one reason only: to make money by selling you crap. We were personally thanked by Jeff Bezos for buying that crap after his rich-man-space-Adventure. And it *IS* crap being sold. A store once stocked with products in their warehouses has turned into a flea market of knockoffs, cheap quality items littered with fake / purchased reviews, and in-house commodity garbage tech designed to sell you more shit. That's the only reason the Echo and Kindle Fire line sells things for so cheap: it's a portal to sell you more. The only Amazon item worth its salt is the Kindle eReader and even then Amazon puts no effort into improving it. It has languished for years due to no serious competition.

Keep all this in mind the next time you hear about their cUsToMeR ObSeSsIoN. Then consider shopping elsewhere.