The Safari Two-Step

Six beta versions into iOS 15 and it's obvious Apple has no idea what they're going to do with Safari. Back in June at WWDC Apple unveiled a complete overhaul to Safari on all platforms. On the iPhone the address bar is now on the bottom, all controls are basically hidden in the Share menu, and the address bar basically "floats" over content. I kinda liked it, but had my small gripes.

It was a big change and people have been vocal (as beta testers can be) about this. Now it seems Apple is making concessions. In Beta 5, Apple tossed us a bone and put the Refresh button onto the address bar. I cheered because I hated having to open the Share button simply to reload a page. Now in the 6th beta apple now put all the controls back onto the bottom of Safari, but made that part double-high in order to accommodate the address bar. Oh, and there's an option to leave the bar at the top. You can see the comparison here.

As someone who enjoys seeing software before it's out, being on the beta train has been interesting. I actually like the bar on the bottom, but with all the big changes reverting into options you can turn on or off instead of just a new look, the consistency of the app will be lost. Hopefully there will be some consistency going forward. I hate getting used to some big changes for it all to simply be rolled back.