Another Good App Bites The Dust

Over on Twitter, Kosta Eleftheriou announced the discontinuation of FlickType for iPhone.

This is a keyboard app specifically for visually-impaired users. The twitter thread goes into some detail about Eleftheriou's issues with dealing with Apple's App Review and the insane hoops developers have to jump through. I can't say I blame him for tossing up his hands on this app and calling it quits. I am disappointed at Apple, especially when they are generally all for accessibility within their products. FlickType for iPhone is an asset to the platform.

Thankfully the Apple Watch version of FlickType isn't going anywhere because it's the absolute best way to input text onto your watch. I mean, watch the demo video below and you'll see what I mean when I say I never want to use Scribble or Dictate over a full keyboard on my Watch ever again.

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