Climate Crisis Forcing Businesses to Take Days Off

Massive and sustained heat waves across the US are some more of the signs that the Climate Crisis is officially upon us. It's been so hot that businesses have been forced to close for a day or two so their employees don't quit or die because of the heat.

One restaurant in Portland, Oregon, told social media followers it closed Thursday “to keep you and our crew safe during this incredible heat wave.” A coffee shop in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, said it will be closed for a second day Friday because of the heat. A pizza place in Junction, Vermont, said it will remain closed Friday because of the heat.

NBC News

Quite the mix of states are named in that article, giving more credence to the fact that this is not isolated to "over there". It does not matter where you live. Currently there are 200 million people across 34 states under some kind of heat-related advisory. Italy hit 120℉ last week. This heat contributes to California's wildfire problems.

Maybe it's time for the world to get on that whole "We need to do something about this." thing sooner rather than later.

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